Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination

Today, is a day of deep reflection. I am excited and blessed to be at the point I am in my life but something is yearning for more. When I look at my recent accomplishments, I feel one would chuckle a disbelief as how I could feel this way. Well, let me tell you it not so much acquiring the things that we most desire, but rather once we obtain those things we want it no longer seems as appealing as it did when we didn’t have it.

I don’t expect to have the all the answer at one time, and I am sure I should be enjoying the “freed up” schedule. However, I am not. I am looking to dive right back into the comfortable & familiar, as much as I wanted to stray away from it. So, I ask myself, what am I afraid of? What am I scared of?

I guess, one would think the unknown? But, the unknown looks so adventurous and mysterious why wouldn’t I want this path? Why wouldn’t I want a clear schedule and a do what the f! I want, at any giving time? No textbooks, no nagging, no stress just a careless stress free living for a year or so?

These questions I have often pondered since I knew I was going to have a clear schedule eventually. And as anyone imagine it was filled with beach ,trips and hanging out gazing at the stars.

 A previous professor once said, “that you may feel a sense of emptiness, once you realize that you are no longer striving for purpose, you tend to  have a moment of what now? When you realize that the intended purpose was not the real purpose at all, yet you made it your center of reality. “

So, I say to the unknown or unfamiliar, as much as I want to run back and hide. I want to embrace this new chapter of my life. They say, you cant read the same book expecting a different ending..


Share your thoughts!




A Journey to Awareness

Hello Everyone!

It has been a couple of months since my last blog post, and with intent I wanted to come back with a beautiful, heartfelt and real adventure. The journey through the divine, scary and unknown.

It is in these moments that we find what emotions hinder us from making “good decisions”, or at least we think we know. Why is it that when you have to make a hard but good decision you often feel as though it was not a good decision?

Well, I can say that it is probably, the confidence waning or the want of comfort to make its way back to make everything “better” again.

But does it really make things better, or is it our uncontrollable fear that creeps in, kills your confidence and tells you to find your “comfort place” or that feel like “home”. Is it home? Or is it a place that we created that makes us feel like it is good because we do not want to travel in the unknown. The unknown is sometimes what we need to break the cycle that we created.

We need to get ourselves out of our shell and travel deeper.

I have been blessed enough to have been able to travel on a remarkable journey over the last year, with amazing women and teachers.


When I first took the steps to start this journey, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher but I didn’t really understand what it was “TO BE” a yoga teacher. The work that you must do on yourself to be able to show the world who YOU are.

And you think after all this time being in the same body for 30 years you would think that YOU knew who you are.. Amazingly enough, I didn’t know who I was anymore, I have conditioned myself to be a zombie, asleep and not present in my own life. I knew what I was capable of, but I didn’t realize that once I “let go” and “live, and let live” beautiful, scary and indifferent things began to unfold.

I was awakening my true self.

I have realized that I have been holding on to the comforts of the past, the old relationships, the old ways of doing things, the old attitude, and the same old outlook. But these people, things and ways are no longer serving me on the new road or journey that I am embarking on. How do you walk away from a loved one, especially someone whom you shared so many years of your life with?

I have been told and read in some places even, that it is okay to love someone and let them go at the same time. Yes, of course this is hard and it hurts like hell, as you are giving up something that you wanted some bad and worked so hard to make it what it is, just for someone else to come in and create what you aspired for the both of you.

Unfortunately, this is life. And those same things that led a person or people to that place, will eventually come up and you will never have what you envisioned. As it is only that, something you envisioned and hoped that you could be. These are hard life lessons that no one will ever understand but we must not try to understand them anymore as you will always be in the past.

We can only hope that and believe that someone self-less, loving and real is it out there! And they are, they walk along you every day, they wake up with you.

You guessed it, it is YOU. Before anything that we truly desire can manifest in our lives, we must learn to love ourselves first.

And that is what this journey over the last year has taught me. That I love myself to walk away from something that no longer serves a purpose but still love. I love myself to ensure I am happy each and every day, and I love myself to say “hey, maybe you need to do you without regret or feeling guilty.

And that is just what I am doing. The universe has hard lessons to show, but it is only through those lessons that if we listen with an open heart, see with love that we truly grow into ourselves. I am beyond blessed for what these last five months have shown, and I am only grateful for the continued bountifulness that I will continue to receive as I welcome the unknown and the scary for the first time with open arms.

As it is not the unknown that we should fear, but knowing what it could be if we stay in our comfort zone.



Change the Thought & the Feeling Must Go!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

To my northeast people, hope you are enjoying this snow day (if you were lucky!). We are 4 days into 2018! How has your year started out? I must say, that I am looking forward to this new chapter! The Wolf Super Moon, that we recently had came about with a lot of change, inspiration and courage! Hopefully, you were able to set somethings in motion during that time, as it is a great time to start something new (hobby, beginning/ending or change!).

Although, I have set intentions for this coming month. I am excited and patiently waiting for the end of my current chapter. The excitement and anticipation that I have for this coming year has riddled me with anxiety but positively. And we all love positive anxiety!

I believe that the complexity of a thought, can give us either a good or bad outcome. Yet, the simplest thing we must do, is change the feelings that comes with our thoughts. If we have bad thoughts, we create bad intentions and with that we become crippled with bad emotions. I realized this over the last few weeks, I could either be upset or sad about my current situation or I can look at it with a fresh set of eyes and see the positive manifestations that could happen! And those positive manifestations are endless.

When we continue to walk around with bad energy, we see the world as if it is out to get us. When we let the energy flow as it should, we see the world with clarity and joy in all things. We must be able to let go and trust our journey! When we hold on to negativity we become a burden to ourselves and to those around us. And no one wants to be around a negative Nancy!

At the end of day, we must know that 1. everything will be fine and 2. that no one has everything figured out. And if you do, you’ve lost your peace, as you are not letting live and let live happen!

Be free and be focused, laugh when you feel like crying and change your thoughts! Don’t let negative people, things or words change your mood. Accept it, Acknowledge it and Let that shit go! Everyday we are learning or processing something new, why not let that thousand and one thing you learn — is to be positive?


Move forward with confidence and courage in 2018!

“The moment I let go of it was
The moment I got more than I could handle
The moment I jumped off of it was
The moment I touched down”





A Toast To the New Year!

Hello and Happy Saturday!

This is our last Saturday of 2017!

I hope that there has been new intentions set for 2018! Make them manageable, meaningful and attainable! Goals are great but don’t get so caught up in the intentions/goals that you forget why you started!

I hope that this new year brings great opportunities, challenges and change! Change is good, change is needed and change is inevitable so embrace it!

Be safe, Be happy, be you!


I will see you next year!



#WednesdayThoughts : A Turning Point

Hello! And Happy Wednesday.

To continue the theme of the week #gratitude. I am extremely grateful, yet sad but I had an aha! moment, when I finally answered the question that I’ve been asking myself for quite sometime. “What am I doing?”. This question stemmed from a lot places (things), that I am currently trying to figure out.

This was a extreme turning point, as I have been creating many excuses to let my heart win. But, when I put it on silent and let my head in; all of sudden things became clear when I actually begin to think and turn inward to make a very hard decision.


It’s natural to day dream, but when your day dreams turn to being oblivious. You have no option but to turn inward and ask those hard questions to yourself. We always believe we have enough time to do all the things that we want, and in a sense we do.

However, only when we are free. Living the truest you, that you can. If, someone or something is not allowing you to be the truest you, you can. We began to loose ourselves.

And who wants to be lost, NO ONE. Cause that sh!t, sucks! But, the important piece, is that we recognize it and try to correct it before it is too late.


And today, I am #grateful that I was able to recognize it. We often feel unsupported at times, but when you recognize, well you. It’s astonishing how supported and loved one person is.

I am sharing with you, a new journey that I am embarking on. It means, flying solo on many different things, after a very long time. And I have never been more happy on a fresh start, especially being so close to the end of the year. Your perspective and desires start to shift when you have a blank agenda. But, its a great feeling after having an agenda full of sh!t, that I was not mine.

I do not know where this new journey / road will take me, but I am sure as hell ready and I cannot wait for you to be a part of it!

#justdance #gratitude #loveyourself #dontworry #behappy




#MondayMotivation : 10 Things to Be Happy About!

Happy Monday!

Monday’s are hard! Now,  its colder out and darker earlier,  long lines and holiday shopping; I think we all need a little boost to make it through until the new year motivation hits! I wanted to start this week with a gratitude list! I often do this for yoga teacher training and I must say that putting the pen to the paper is a lot easier than raddling them off in your head. The pen to paper idea is fun as you can look back days, weeks or even years from now to see if you were grateful for repeated throughout each day, week or month.

The list does not have to take up to much of your time (if you don’t want it too). You can bang it out in the morning, throughout the day or for the previous day. You can start with 5 and then work your way up to 10 or even 15-20!

But let’s do baby steps!

Start with five, until you find your rhythm, because with any new routine it takes a minimum of 21 days!

Let’s get started ( I will start with 10 today):

  1. Meditation
  2. Music
  3. Family (had a really nice weekend with my sister, mom and dad. Doesn’t happen to often but when it does, I feel blessed)
  4. Morning Talks
  5. When I clear my email by the end of the day! 🙂
  6. When I meal prep! (Helps me start the week off in a positive way and I feel better)
  7. Downtime at work (usually not a lot but 10 minutes is good for a nice refresh)
  8. Monday night Yoga Teacher Traning
  9. Lattes
  10. Sleep

Of course answers will differ, and you may think that what you wrote down is silly or insignificant. But, it is not. It actually makes you appreciate the small things in life that we often take for granted!

What would your gratitude list look like? #Shareyourlists!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!



#FridayFeels: No Better Title!

Happy  Friday!

Another week in the books with 17 days until a another year in the books! Where did the year go? It seems like it was yesterday enjoying summer nights, walks along the beach and the perfectly made sangrias. Now, here we are trying to manifest the next years goals and dreams.

We always look to the new year to start habits that won’t last to the end of January or vice versa. There’s gusto in the beginning, and as soon as we sense that it is getting hard. POOF! We’re done!

What happens to the motivation? Is it the cold weather or the fact that the results we desired did not happen as quickly as we like?

This is a real motivation killer for most of us as instant gratification is part of who we are.  We sometimes forget that it takes 21 days to create/break a habit and 40 days for it to stick (give or take a few days, depending on ones personality). 

Why don’t we enjoy the process and changes that are taking place. Such as, how you feel, walk or talk.

Its great that we have goals. I think everyone should. Its a benchmark for the changes we are trying to make and the things we are trying to attain. But, the reason we often get discourage along the way, is things get hard and we begin to think maybe this isn’t the road I should be taking. Well, if that thought did come in, I probably would stop too.


Instead, why don’t we go into the new year or bad habits to break with the mindset; this is going to be hard, this is going to suck; but I do kind of want it, So, I guess its worth it.

We obsess to much about the small things. About the things we haven’t done or things we have to do, instead of focusing on what is best for us.

This New Year, let that sh!t go! And, Just Do It!

#FridayFeels, #HaveaGoodWeekend.




How Should You Handle Your Boss?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hope you are making through your week like a rock star! Well if not, here is a little #WednesdayWisdom for you to get through! I have been struggling with the behavior of my boss over the last recent weeks, and at times I wonder why I am still there! I have never had to think of “how am I going to handle my boss today!?” I mean, I think that sh!t is crazy, it is pretty cut and dry we either like them or we don’t, either ignore them or work with them but handle them? I am sure I am not the only one in the situation and I have a few pointers that may help you as this has helped me!

  1. Passing the buck – this can relate to passing on work that upper management has request from them specifically or any other task –  here is why this okay, as they may seem to think that they are flying high delegating task, but this can have a huge benefit for you as you are learning and developing a new skill set. I am sure we all have to much on our plates already, but eventually their rein will falter and you will have the experience to nestly on in.
  2. Sick Card – Yes, we all need a break every once and while from work — but when you start to abuse the power it becomes noticeable to your team and upper management. Again, this is good for you, as typically if your under your boss you are next in the chain of command. Most of the tasks that he or she is responsible for will become your responsibility and you do the reports/tasks correctly you are able to use this as a stepping stone if you are interested in moving up within the company.
  3. Stay Positive – As hard as this maybe, you must stay positive and speak your truths professionally when you need to. This is the best tip that I can offer, as we sometimes miss the value of being pushed on the spot. What came of it? You learned a new thing or two, and you may get the opportunity for better things! Not all situations are permanent so take the challenges as they come and use them to your advantage!


I know when we are in the situation at the time it is harder to see the bigger picture, our minds get caught up in why am I doing this? I shouldn’t be doing this and so on an so forth. But, we need to take the situations that we are faced daily and find the brighter side, opportunity or experience!



Behind The Scenes of Fear: #Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! As always hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Monday’s motivation is “Never Let Your Fear, Decide Your Fate”.

Never let the position you are currently in, become a state of safety. Always push to make your own opportunities. Just because someone said no to an idea, does not mean that it is a bad idea, just may need to be refined.


This is true with fear. Fear is an emotion that sometimes makes us scared to move forward. In this state we are paralyzed and often hinder our own growth. Fear is good, fear says you are about to embark on a new journey. It might be bumpy, might be smooth but it will eventually be alright!

As I am nearing the completion of my second degree and yoga license. I have an immense sense of fear coming over me, as I do not know where this next chapter will take me. I do know that in the old chapter there are somethings/people who cannot come on this new journey. As scary as this may be for some people, and even me; I do know it is something that has to happen in order for me to be the best version of myself.

So to close, push the boundaries, be afraid and have fear. But, control yourself and take only what you need from it!



3 Things You Miss When Forcing Life

Happy Friday! 🙌🏾

We made it! Through the endless phone calls, emails and disturbances! Thank goodness! Well, this week I have been thinking about my own personal “disturbances” and how I try oh so hard to fix them!

Then I thought, well maybe that is reason the same ones keep popping up!

Right? maybe there just not meant to be fixed, and maybe just maybe I am forcing something that should just be let go of?

I talked a little bit, about career and moving forward and needing the courage to do so earlier this week. Well, this here; is part two, in addition to having courage to forge through this life, we also need to know when were forcing it and having the courage to live and let live.


When we are forcing things, we often overlook the meaningful things as we are trying to find signs to things we want “fixed”. We miss opportunities all the time this way! If we cannot appreciate the little things how are we EVER going to appreciate the BIGGER things?

Which leads me to the next thing, it takes waaay longer to get to where were are trying to go, as we are overlooking everything trying to find this ONE miniscule thing!

Side note:Have you ever wanted something so badly, then when you finally got it. You were like ugh, well this sucks. I am sure we have all been there and this is what a missed opportunity feels like. We get so blindsided on having a cookie cutter idea that we miss how fun (in some cases) the bumps and bruises can be!End side note.

Which leads me to my final thought, if you are forcing life, situations, work whatever. You are not trusting that things will work themselves out the way it was intended. You are not trusting you, the outcome or divine. This takes courage to do so, but you have to trust that it will.

So lets recap:You miss opportunities by forcing or by having blinders on to the one and only outcome in your head.

  1. It takes way longer to achieve the desired goal (and you may end up changing your mind on it)
  2. Trusting yourself/Divine being/ God

Just relax, breathe and take the steps to achieve your goals but don’t get so hung up on the little things that you miss an opportunity that is even better!  Half the fun is getting there, you meet people, learn new things and open your mind to different avenues! Never settle for just one thing!



CC ✌🏾

Confessions of A Career Changer

Happy Hump Day! 🐫

Today, is confessions of a career changer! Its a relief to say that about myself. Yet, I feel like I am not alone. I know most of you can relate to this; you get bored easily, your interest in career avenues change, you seek new information/ways of doing things as the redundant may make you crazy! Does this sound like you?

Some may say, well how do you get ahead by doing that? Or what about job security, 401K all the adult things that most people constantly worry about. Well, there is no need to worry about these things as your 401k can be rolled over into your new company. Which this can actually be a benefit as some companies match 100% in your first year! You get a grace period to transfer your health insurance over or keep it at a premium. Which again, isn’t that bad (as long as you have another gig lined up)!


Now, this is not to encourage you to quit your job, but rather think about if the career your are in is for you! Now, I have been with my company for almost three years. I’ve managed to get promoted several times and transfer closer to home. However, I have been in my most recent position for a year now, and it has become quite redundant and stressful. I enjoy the M-F and the paid holidays as the next person. But, there is no work/life balance.

This is an integral component as most people have families, side hustles and are furthering their education.

So, how do we get there?

We need to ask ourselves, what are we looking for in our careers? What are we looking to do that will make it easier for us? What is important to us? What can we spend 8 hours a day doing?


We all can’t be millionaire entrepreneurs from a brilliant idea that we have. But, we can try to find something that we love doing. We will not succeed from the beginning. There will be many failures before success but we must have the courage to at least begin.


CC ✌🏾

The One Thing YOU Need to Change To Move Forward

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Sundays are a time for me to reflect, I like to practice my yoga sequence, read a few sutras and then free write about my practice and the sutra that was divinely chosen. As I take in the wondrous insight of my readings, I realize the one thing we ALL need but yet some of as lack is courage.

Courage allows us to do, see, say and forge through the difficult, happy and the soul crushing events of life. We have to move forward with courage when we want to end a relation, quit a job, or even move across country!  It allows us to face these moments in life that we are not sure of the outcome whether it is good or bad. We must trust in the moment, believe in the journey and move forward.

This resonated in me over the weekend, as we sometimes struggle to make a leap or change a direction that we do not fully know if there is security ahead or if it is just going to engulf in a heaping tower of flames.  We can tell ourselves it will be okay, but we will never really know unless we move forward with courage and know that even though it may seem uncertain now, that it will work out the way it should.


If we continue to mask the fire that is burning inside, eventually we will mask our true selves and end up in a bad place. It takes courage to move forward with the fire that is within you. It takes courage to know that yes, this feels uncertain but it feels right. It takes courage to walk up to your boss and tell him/her how things really are (professionally).

But, this is your personal truth, and your truths is what gets rid of  the weight that we often carry around for no reason.


We create most of the drama in our lives by hiding our truths. We cause fear, anxiety and anger for wanting to protect the people we care about and not hurt their feelings. But, this does not do us any good, this is were resentment and discord happens. Rather than just saying or doing what you need to do or say, you are masking these emotions causing blockage and pain (either mentally, physically or emotionally).

Remember it is not what you say but how you say it. Speak your truths, move forward with courage and let that sh!t go!




Reasons Life Get It’s In The Way

Music sometimes is the key to great thoughts. It sparks a memory or an idea that we may not have been able to think of having the outside noise in the way. We often get caught up in our own Sh!T, and forget to look at what is in front of us.

Most of the sh!t that we carry is not for us to carry, it is the outside world’s negativity that we bring into our own life, and it causes a snowball effect of looking at the glass half empty.


Well, why do we take on other peoples sh!t, only to avoid our own. Then our sh!t becomes to much and the we find ourselves in a world of “how did I get here”? And I will say, that this can be easily accessed and fixed. Next time, look closely at your day at work. You will see how situations change when your senses are aware! This is called being in the moment, when you take a step back and not get clouded by the tasks at hand, you are more likely to look at a situation more objectively.


Don’t let the interaction with another person dictate or set the tone for the rest of your day. You will see how quickly, the extra sh!t you thought you had to carry stays with the person and that moment you walk away with a clear vision.

How much sh!t will you let go of? 

How Do You Spend the First Hour At Work?

Happy Hump Day!

I am half way through my work week, and I can’t help to wonder how I get through it with the endless emails, the never-ending  phone calls and the constant disruptions! I feel I need a drink just from the first sentence! Welp, I am here to say, it is how you spend the first hour of your day at work is what makes it either good, bad or ugly!

Who wants to have a bad or ugly day at work? I think no one, well let me tell you how to get yourself organized enough to power through any day no matter the time of week!


  1. Make sure you are on time, not just on Mondays but every other day of the week! The most important is Monday, as it is when the emails are usually starting to poor in from those who check there email earlier than 9 AM. And when your there to catch them, you will find it easier to map out your day and with the latter/tea/coffee already in hand. Limits the waste of time by the Keurig in the office.
  2. Have a planner, notebook or your favorite stationary to map out your day. The idea of having something nice you like to write in, makes it easier to keep track of the tasks at hand. The objective to writing things down, is that you have an general idea of what your trying to accomplish in the 8 hours that you are there. This does not necessarily mean that you will get in done in the order your wrote it but it will help in keeping you on track on the most important.
  3. Check your email for what may take the most time, but you can get a jump on it by the time the disturbances, phones and other emails start. You will have a clear idea of what is expected on the project and if you do get interrupted you will find it easier to go back to the task as you have the core down.
  4. Have a drawer full of healthy snacks that you can grab at any time if you are unable to take a break. This will keep you on track with your other goals and fight off any cravings you may have.
  5. Take a moment to chit-chat with colleagues. This will see where everyone is and what they plan to get out of the day. It makes for an easier day for the team when everyone is on the same page!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you have an easier start to the day!

Which one will you start to incorporate in your day?



Take A Breath & Enter the Unknown

Happy Tuesday! I was sitting in my kitchen on Sunday afternoon, listening to music in my headphones (per usual), working on my sutras.

However, I began to think, I am mean really think of  what am I doing? What are my intentions for the day, week, year etc. I have a love for yoga, the meditation, the spirituality, the letting go. I loved it so much, I decided to get my license. I am now 8 months into the teacher training and my first intentions when I started, have dramatically changed to were I am now.

Yoga, as we all know has many benefits. But, the inward and spiritual work that you do with yourself is truly transformational. You become hyper aware of YOU. It tells you when your not living your truth, being good to you, and to get rid of those things that are no longer serving you physically, mentally and emotionally.

And says to life “let that shit go” .


We all need to feel a little empowered ever now and again, to know that the direction you are heading in is the right one. A way to make your self feel better by saying that you are were you need to be and that everything else will work its way out. I mean what happens when we wait? I like to think we watch for the wrong things and tend to miss the good thing that could have been memories had we just took a breath and entered the unknown.

We are trying to become and do so many things as once, that we often forget to take a breathe. We overthink every situation, instead of just letting it happen. We work ourselves to death, rather than finding a job that lets our creative side shine. They always said the best things in life are free. Have we lost that too? Have we gotten so caught up in trying to impress other people that we loose sight of what is actually important? What happens when we just live, when we just go to work and do what we can and not rush the day or let that one person ruin your day. What happened to just going home to a hobby you love or a book that you haven’t been able to finish because of life getting in the way?

A few posts back, I touched a little bit on the subject and then incorporated into the 5 things I learned post. But I think that it bears repeating. We need to get into a positive mindset, one that empowers you when there is no one else around. I believe taking time for yourself, whether its for 5, 10 even 15 minutes, you did something for you.

I was very excited when I started this post because I encounter the greatest thing when I just took a breathe and entered the unknown.

I have been struggling with getting into the crow the pose, it was my worst asana but I knew I had to eventually try. I never breathe during the pose which is also an issue, and it causes a lot of trouble. So, when I finally did it, I did it without hitting the floor (like I usually do).

In the moments leading up to completing the pose, you often only think I cant do this, I am going to fall. Yeh, you might but get back up and let that shit go!


How To Think Like A Life Boss

Happy Monday! Why is Monday one of the most dreaded days? Is it because we know what is really in store for us for the next 5 days? What we have to look forward to when we walk into our offices? Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t we get excited about Monday’s? We have thousands of quotes out there that give motivational talk and how to be a boss in your own life.


We are failing to launch, we failing to be active in our own lives. We often question why does this person seem to live effortlessly or appear to have more time? Well people I am here to tell you, they don’t! We all have the same amount of time and it was we do in that time that will show us how we live. Yes, we are all tired from that 9-5 grind, from the commute, from the meetings.. But, yet some people can get up, got to the gym, make a green kick ass smoothie and enjoy that coffee. You can too!


This starts and ends with you, you may being seeing more and more, do you! Well, I am here to tell you to do YOU as well. We can’t live in the world of “one day” we have to make it about day one. If we fail, we will get back up, because well that is what we DO!

How will you start to do YOU? 


5 Things I Learned On Starting A Routine

Happy Saturday fellow bloggers! I know I am not alone when I say this, “If I onlyhad more time in a day”. I know I am one of thousands who constantly say this to themselves. Have we looked further than just wishing for it? I believe most people get lost in wishing for things than looking at the present moment. We all wish we had time to start this, clean that or do this! But, have any of us just dived right into it with no safety net? Studies show it takes at least 21 days to start or break a habit, but we get lost in how much time we need to do it, instead of just doing it.

The truth is people, we don’t need much time! We just need the motivation to just start. A routine can start and stay with just a few minutes a day! We must remember ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN DAY! This is true on every aspect of life, we must incorporate a few things extra in our daily lives that can be beneficial. One of them, getting up early! Sounds easier said than done, but this is were all the magic happens, that’s not life altering, well at least not yet.

  1. Get Up Early
  2. Meditate for 7 minutes (easier in the morning as most of the house is still sleeping)
  3. 10 minute morning workout – no equipment needed! Just you and your favorite stretches.
  4. Coffee! (A preset coffee pot is the best thing ever! Set at night and by the time your done with you; Enjoy that cup).
  5. Breakfast (This is the most important part of your day, you can make quick overnight oats, boiled eggs with a banana or even kick ass green smoothie!)

These simple, yet effective 5 tips will get you up and motivated every morning! The pre-workout in the morning will get the blood flowing and you are more likely to enjoy that first sip!

Don’t be a prisoner of the weekly hustle and bustle, take these few extra moments to create a more positive vibe to the start of your day!

How will you start your new routine? 

You Must Breathe Into the Pose

#candidsunday #headstand #breathingintoit #yogaeverydamnday

This photo was candidly taking by my boyfriend on Sunday night. Normally, I would be upset because I am always falling out of pose. Feeling defeated, I calmly ask “please don’t its embarrassing when I fall”.  As he turns the phone for me to see his candid, he states “well, how else are you going to learn or improve if you don’t fall”.

In this moment, I realized that I breathed into this posed. Its not unusual through out a yoga class you hear the instructor, “on your next inhale”.

It’s in this moment, that you are letting all your doubts and challenges go, and inhaling the strength to gracefully transition into your next asana.




The yoga journey I have been on these last through months has truly been a transformation. Its a practice to be still, to show gratitude and love; not just for yourself but those around you.


Hope you enjoyed! 

The Impact of Pure Thoughts

It is a rainy Sunday morning. I am studying my yoga asanas and sutras for my license, drinking my perfectly made latte from Dunkin Donuts while listening to one of my favorite songs.

Yoga teaches us to free our mind of negative thoughts and look at the world from a possible place of peace. Our teacher tells us to journal, as it releases emotions that have laid dormant and hold dark or remorseful feelings that have embedded within our being.

The art of free writing can have an impact as you don’t necessarily need a topic.

On this morning, I decided to free write, and what I discovered was amazing. The idea is to “let that shit go” (as my teacher says). Just let the pen hit the paper (or fingers hit the keys).

It started, “A pure thought”, followed by “What is a pure thought”, next “Do I have pure thoughts” and then ,”What is purity”? In a world that is constantly putting us in a box or category, it is easy to loose focus of what is pure and if our actions are pure.

The Yamas and Niyamas, teach us that purity or the purification process is visually and mentally different for everyone. This is the case in every aspect of our lives. The end result however, we are ALL looking to “lighten the load” and release those things that no longer serve us. Purity gets deeper, it also tells us that each moment should be as it is.

The current moment, the howling of the wind as the rain taps vigorously outside my window, how a sip of my warm latte feels, or how the keys beneath my fingers freely type.


The moments we have are different for everyone, but the outcome the same..

Purity, there is no thought in what we are doing, just the moment that you are in and that is contentment, there is no other place you need to be or have to be.

The day lead you where it may, and do not question how it flows. Live in the moment that yo are in, not the “task” or “I should be”, thoughts.. Our light guides us to those things that interest us, so let the purity of your light guide you.


“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The fall fashion, the warm satisfying drinks, and of course the beautiful transformation. When I think of autumn/fall, I think about the immense changes that come about, when we take a moment to take in the beauty, it is then we are embracing not only the transformation of the season, but the transformation that comes within ourselves. This is the time when we start to think of the New Years goals and ambitions, the anxiety and excitement of what the New Year has in store for us.

But, are we aware of our accomplishments over the last eleven months? The highs and lows, the disappointments, the expectations. Did we appreciate the highs, interpret the lows? Have our expectations been met or did we just internalize our disappointments?

I️ love this time of season as it brings about reflection…

As we reflect we also let go, and as we close out another year, let go of what could be in the year to come and embrace what has come.

Life Is a Highway

We spend most of our time thinking about what we don’t have and what we should have, what we need more of and what we need less of.. No one everyone stops to think about what they do have and what they have enough of..

The beauty of simplicity..

I had a chance to appreciate the view out of my office window that overlooks Marina Bay. The way the trees have the perfect amount of color through out that subtlety play off the sunset; sounds like something out of a movie right?

In that moment, I just thought about myself for one second and “what am I doing” entered immediately. The answer less than shocking, “I don’t know”. 

Am I falling asleep on my feet again…



A Blissful Opportunity

When you’re unsure of what your next move should be.. How does one handle this? Months away from finishing my business degree.. So what now? I decided to apply for the masters programs and days later the congratulatory letter arrived… What next? Well, a few  days later, I receive an email from my school offering an opportunity to visit Denmark and Sweden.. I immediately thought why not? But then questioned, will I?


I often say yes to things that seem a little crazy and out of the blue. And then, I find myself unable to commit. Yikes, am I a commitment phobe? Well that can’t be true, I am committed to many things or am I just obliged?

As the first post “stay tuned”



Let’s Talk About It Tuesday..

The varied saying of “Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister”, could not be more true. The end of the month for me feels most hectic for some reason at work. I have moments where I think this month will be easier or less chaotic than the last. However, I could not be more false yet I tell myself this each month. I have the joys of working in property management, and at times this is a really rewarding position. The other 5% is filled with reports, deadlines and anxiety because I feel I’ve missed something important.

I try to start my work day with a positive vibe because I feel like that is the only way one can survive the hustle and bustle of a 9-5. I get my morning “OM”, the latte that fuels the first 3 hours of the day and a jam session on my way in. Somedays, I feel like there should be more to this, more of doing what I love since there is no sense in staying in something that only brings a weekly check.

Is bad to want fulfillment, adventure, satisfying moments and happiness out of work and life 24/7 365? I feel we should want to wake up and rush to do what we love…

The lady who wants it all, but simple…


Stay Tuned..

Welcome to my page and first blog post! I had many reservations about starting one, but I also have many nifty and crafty things I want to share with the world! A little background of me, I love learning and reading about new things, few months away from becoming a yoga teacher and just open to the possibilities!

My goal with my blog is to share health, fitness, fashion, and career experiences and techniques along with every day life experiences! I am happy and nervous to have leaped into this but we will see what happens!


“New Month, New Beginnings, New Goals”