Let’s Talk About It Tuesday..

The varied saying of “Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister”, could not be more true. The end of the month for me feels most hectic for some reason at work. I have moments where I think this month will be easier or less chaotic than the last. However, I could not be more false yet I tell myself this each month. I have the joys of working in property management, and at times this is a really rewarding position. The other 5% is filled with reports, deadlines and anxiety because I feel I’ve missed something important.

I try to start my work day with a positive vibe because I feel like that is the only way one can survive the hustle and bustle of a 9-5. I get my morning “OM”, the latte that fuels the first 3 hours of the day and a jam session on my way in. Somedays, I feel like there should be more to this, more of doing what I love since there is no sense in staying in something that only brings a weekly check.

Is bad to want fulfillment, adventure, satisfying moments and happiness out of work and life 24/7 365? I feel we should want to wake up and rush to do what we love…

The lady who wants it all, but simple…


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