The Impact of Pure Thoughts

It is a rainy Sunday morning. I am studying my yoga asanas and sutras for my license, drinking my perfectly made latte from Dunkin Donuts while listening to one of my favorite songs.

Yoga teaches us to free our mind of negative thoughts and look at the world from a possible place of peace. Our teacher tells us to journal, as it releases emotions that have laid dormant and hold dark or remorseful feelings that have embedded within our being.

The art of free writing can have an impact as you don’t necessarily need a topic.

On this morning, I decided to free write, and what I discovered was amazing. The idea is to “let that shit go” (as my teacher says). Just let the pen hit the paper (or fingers hit the keys).

It started, “A pure thought”, followed by “What is a pure thought”, next “Do I have pure thoughts” and then ,”What is purity”? In a world that is constantly putting us in a box or category, it is easy to loose focus of what is pure and if our actions are pure.

The Yamas and Niyamas, teach us that purity or the purification process is visually and mentally different for everyone. This is the case in every aspect of our lives. The end result however, we are ALL looking to “lighten the load” and release those things that no longer serve us. Purity gets deeper, it also tells us that each moment should be as it is.

The current moment, the howling of the wind as the rain taps vigorously outside my window, how a sip of my warm latte feels, or how the keys beneath my fingers freely type.


The moments we have are different for everyone, but the outcome the same..

Purity, there is no thought in what we are doing, just the moment that you are in and that is contentment, there is no other place you need to be or have to be.

The day lead you where it may, and do not question how it flows. Live in the moment that yo are in, not the “task” or “I should be”, thoughts.. Our light guides us to those things that interest us, so let the purity of your light guide you.


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