You Must Breathe Into the Pose

#candidsunday #headstand #breathingintoit #yogaeverydamnday

This photo was candidly taking by my boyfriend on Sunday night. Normally, I would be upset because I am always falling out of pose. Feeling defeated, I calmly ask “please don’t its embarrassing when I fall”.  As he turns the phone for me to see his candid, he states “well, how else are you going to learn or improve if you don’t fall”.

In this moment, I realized that I breathed into this posed. Its not unusual through out a yoga class you hear the instructor, “on your next inhale”.

It’s in this moment, that you are letting all your doubts and challenges go, and inhaling the strength to gracefully transition into your next asana.




The yoga journey I have been on these last through months has truly been a transformation. Its a practice to be still, to show gratitude and love; not just for yourself but those around you.


Hope you enjoyed! 

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