5 Things I Learned On Starting A Routine

Happy Saturday fellow bloggers! I know I am not alone when I say this, “If I onlyhad more time in a day”. I know I am one of thousands who constantly say this to themselves. Have we looked further than just wishing for it? I believe most people get lost in wishing for things than looking at the present moment. We all wish we had time to start this, clean that or do this! But, have any of us just dived right into it with no safety net? Studies show it takes at least 21 days to start or break a habit, but we get lost in how much time we need to do it, instead of just doing it.

The truth is people, we don’t need much time! We just need the motivation to just start. A routine can start and stay with just a few minutes a day! We must remember ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN DAY! This is true on every aspect of life, we must incorporate a few things extra in our daily lives that can be beneficial. One of them, getting up early! Sounds easier said than done, but this is were all the magic happens, that’s not life altering, well at least not yet.

  1. Get Up Early
  2. Meditate for 7 minutes (easier in the morning as most of the house is still sleeping)
  3. 10 minute morning workout – no equipment needed! Just you and your favorite stretches.
  4. Coffee! (A preset coffee pot is the best thing ever! Set at night and by the time your done with you; Enjoy that cup).
  5. Breakfast (This is the most important part of your day, you can make quick overnight oats, boiled eggs with a banana or even kick ass green smoothie!)

These simple, yet effective 5 tips will get you up and motivated every morning! The pre-workout in the morning will get the blood flowing and you are more likely to enjoy that first sip!

Don’t be a prisoner of the weekly hustle and bustle, take these few extra moments to create a more positive vibe to the start of your day!

How will you start your new routine? 

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