How To Think Like A Life Boss

Happy Monday! Why is Monday one of the most dreaded days? Is it because we know what is really in store for us for the next 5 days? What we have to look forward to when we walk into our offices? Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t we get excited about Monday’s? We have thousands of quotes out there that give motivational talk and how to be a boss in your own life.


We are failing to launch, we failing to be active in our own lives. We often question why does this person seem to live effortlessly or appear to have more time? Well people I am here to tell you, they don’t! We all have the same amount of time and it was we do in that time that will show us how we live. Yes, we are all tired from that 9-5 grind, from the commute, from the meetings.. But, yet some people can get up, got to the gym, make a green kick ass smoothie and enjoy that coffee. You can too!


This starts and ends with you, you may being seeing more and more, do you! Well, I am here to tell you to do YOU as well. We can’t live in the world of “one day” we have to make it about day one. If we fail, we will get back up, because well that is what we DO!

How will you start to do YOU? 


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