Take A Breath & Enter the Unknown

Happy Tuesday! I was sitting in my kitchen on Sunday afternoon, listening to music in my headphones (per usual), working on my sutras.

However, I began to think, I am mean really think of  what am I doing? What are my intentions for the day, week, year etc. I have a love for yoga, the meditation, the spirituality, the letting go. I loved it so much, I decided to get my license. I am now 8 months into the teacher training and my first intentions when I started, have dramatically changed to were I am now.

Yoga, as we all know has many benefits. But, the inward and spiritual work that you do with yourself is truly transformational. You become hyper aware of YOU. It tells you when your not living your truth, being good to you, and to get rid of those things that are no longer serving you physically, mentally and emotionally.

And says to life “let that shit go” .


We all need to feel a little empowered ever now and again, to know that the direction you are heading in is the right one. A way to make your self feel better by saying that you are were you need to be and that everything else will work its way out. I mean what happens when we wait? I like to think we watch for the wrong things and tend to miss the good thing that could have been memories had we just took a breath and entered the unknown.

We are trying to become and do so many things as once, that we often forget to take a breathe. We overthink every situation, instead of just letting it happen. We work ourselves to death, rather than finding a job that lets our creative side shine. They always said the best things in life are free. Have we lost that too? Have we gotten so caught up in trying to impress other people that we loose sight of what is actually important? What happens when we just live, when we just go to work and do what we can and not rush the day or let that one person ruin your day. What happened to just going home to a hobby you love or a book that you haven’t been able to finish because of life getting in the way?

A few posts back, I touched a little bit on the subject and then incorporated into the 5 things I learned post. But I think that it bears repeating. We need to get into a positive mindset, one that empowers you when there is no one else around. I believe taking time for yourself, whether its for 5, 10 even 15 minutes, you did something for you.

I was very excited when I started this post because I encounter the greatest thing when I just took a breathe and entered the unknown.

I have been struggling with getting into the crow the pose, it was my worst asana but I knew I had to eventually try. I never breathe during the pose which is also an issue, and it causes a lot of trouble. So, when I finally did it, I did it without hitting the floor (like I usually do).

In the moments leading up to completing the pose, you often only think I cant do this, I am going to fall. Yeh, you might but get back up and let that shit go!


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