Reasons Life Get It’s In The Way

Music sometimes is the key to great thoughts. It sparks a memory or an idea that we may not have been able to think of having the outside noise in the way. We often get caught up in our own Sh!T, and forget to look at what is in front of us.

Most of the sh!t that we carry is not for us to carry, it is the outside world’s negativity that we bring into our own life, and it causes a snowball effect of looking at the glass half empty.


Well, why do we take on other peoples sh!t, only to avoid our own. Then our sh!t becomes to much and the we find ourselves in a world of “how did I get here”? And I will say, that this can be easily accessed and fixed. Next time, look closely at your day at work. You will see how situations change when your senses are aware! This is called being in the moment, when you take a step back and not get clouded by the tasks at hand, you are more likely to look at a situation more objectively.


Don’t let the interaction with another person dictate or set the tone for the rest of your day. You will see how quickly, the extra sh!t you thought you had to carry stays with the person and that moment you walk away with a clear vision.

How much sh!t will you let go of? 

2 thoughts on “Reasons Life Get It’s In The Way

  1. Great post! We definitely need to take care of ourselves first and stop being so quick to take care of others problems, when we fail to take care of our own issues

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