The One Thing YOU Need to Change To Move Forward

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Sundays are a time for me to reflect, I like to practice my yoga sequence, read a few sutras and then free write about my practice and the sutra that was divinely chosen. As I take in the wondrous insight of my readings, I realize the one thing we ALL need but yet some of as lack is courage.

Courage allows us to do, see, say and forge through the difficult, happy and the soul crushing events of life. We have to move forward with courage when we want to end a relation, quit a job, or even move across country!  It allows us to face these moments in life that we are not sure of the outcome whether it is good or bad. We must trust in the moment, believe in the journey and move forward.

This resonated in me over the weekend, as we sometimes struggle to make a leap or change a direction that we do not fully know if there is security ahead or if it is just going to engulf in a heaping tower of flames.  We can tell ourselves it will be okay, but we will never really know unless we move forward with courage and know that even though it may seem uncertain now, that it will work out the way it should.


If we continue to mask the fire that is burning inside, eventually we will mask our true selves and end up in a bad place. It takes courage to move forward with the fire that is within you. It takes courage to know that yes, this feels uncertain but it feels right. It takes courage to walk up to your boss and tell him/her how things really are (professionally).

But, this is your personal truth, and your truths is what gets rid of  the weight that we often carry around for no reason.


We create most of the drama in our lives by hiding our truths. We cause fear, anxiety and anger for wanting to protect the people we care about and not hurt their feelings. But, this does not do us any good, this is were resentment and discord happens. Rather than just saying or doing what you need to do or say, you are masking these emotions causing blockage and pain (either mentally, physically or emotionally).

Remember it is not what you say but how you say it. Speak your truths, move forward with courage and let that sh!t go!




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