Confessions of A Career Changer

Happy Hump Day! 🐫

Today, is confessions of a career changer! Its a relief to say that about myself. Yet, I feel like I am not alone. I know most of you can relate to this; you get bored easily, your interest in career avenues change, you seek new information/ways of doing things as the redundant may make you crazy! Does this sound like you?

Some may say, well how do you get ahead by doing that? Or what about job security, 401K all the adult things that most people constantly worry about. Well, there is no need to worry about these things as your 401k can be rolled over into your new company. Which this can actually be a benefit as some companies match 100% in your first year! You get a grace period to transfer your health insurance over or keep it at a premium. Which again, isn’t that bad (as long as you have another gig lined up)!


Now, this is not to encourage you to quit your job, but rather think about if the career your are in is for you! Now, I have been with my company for almost three years. I’ve managed to get promoted several times and transfer closer to home. However, I have been in my most recent position for a year now, and it has become quite redundant and stressful. I enjoy the M-F and the paid holidays as the next person. But, there is no work/life balance.

This is an integral component as most people have families, side hustles and are furthering their education.

So, how do we get there?

We need to ask ourselves, what are we looking for in our careers? What are we looking to do that will make it easier for us? What is important to us? What can we spend 8 hours a day doing?


We all can’t be millionaire entrepreneurs from a brilliant idea that we have. But, we can try to find something that we love doing. We will not succeed from the beginning. There will be many failures before success but we must have the courage to at least begin.


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2 thoughts on “Confessions of A Career Changer

  1. This post was very stimulating to read this morning. I want to change my career field so bad. However, I have to do a lot of soul searching and figuring things out. Hopefully I can get to where I am supposed to be career wise. Thank you for such a great post.

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    1. Thank you so much! I have struggled with this for awhile, but I know I want something else and just working towards it each day. You will definitely get were you want to be as you already know something has to change! It all takes time. 🙂

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