3 Things You Miss When Forcing Life

Happy Friday! 🙌🏾

We made it! Through the endless phone calls, emails and disturbances! Thank goodness! Well, this week I have been thinking about my own personal “disturbances” and how I try oh so hard to fix them!

Then I thought, well maybe that is reason the same ones keep popping up!

Right? maybe there just not meant to be fixed, and maybe just maybe I am forcing something that should just be let go of?

I talked a little bit, about career and moving forward and needing the courage to do so earlier this week. Well, this here; is part two, in addition to having courage to forge through this life, we also need to know when were forcing it and having the courage to live and let live.


When we are forcing things, we often overlook the meaningful things as we are trying to find signs to things we want “fixed”. We miss opportunities all the time this way! If we cannot appreciate the little things how are we EVER going to appreciate the BIGGER things?

Which leads me to the next thing, it takes waaay longer to get to where were are trying to go, as we are overlooking everything trying to find this ONE miniscule thing!

Side note:Have you ever wanted something so badly, then when you finally got it. You were like ugh, well this sucks. I am sure we have all been there and this is what a missed opportunity feels like. We get so blindsided on having a cookie cutter idea that we miss how fun (in some cases) the bumps and bruises can be!End side note.

Which leads me to my final thought, if you are forcing life, situations, work whatever. You are not trusting that things will work themselves out the way it was intended. You are not trusting you, the outcome or divine. This takes courage to do so, but you have to trust that it will.

So lets recap:You miss opportunities by forcing or by having blinders on to the one and only outcome in your head.

  1. It takes way longer to achieve the desired goal (and you may end up changing your mind on it)
  2. Trusting yourself/Divine being/ God

Just relax, breathe and take the steps to achieve your goals but don’t get so hung up on the little things that you miss an opportunity that is even better!  Half the fun is getting there, you meet people, learn new things and open your mind to different avenues! Never settle for just one thing!



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