How Should You Handle Your Boss?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hope you are making through your week like a rock star! Well if not, here is a little #WednesdayWisdom for you to get through! I have been struggling with the behavior of my boss over the last recent weeks, and at times I wonder why I am still there! I have never had to think of “how am I going to handle my boss today!?” I mean, I think that sh!t is crazy, it is pretty cut and dry we either like them or we don’t, either ignore them or work with them but handle them? I am sure I am not the only one in the situation and I have a few pointers that may help you as this has helped me!

  1. Passing the buck – this can relate to passing on work that upper management has request from them specifically or any other task –  here is why this okay, as they may seem to think that they are flying high delegating task, but this can have a huge benefit for you as you are learning and developing a new skill set. I am sure we all have to much on our plates already, but eventually their rein will falter and you will have the experience to nestly on in.
  2. Sick Card – Yes, we all need a break every once and while from work — but when you start to abuse the power it becomes noticeable to your team and upper management. Again, this is good for you, as typically if your under your boss you are next in the chain of command. Most of the tasks that he or she is responsible for will become your responsibility and you do the reports/tasks correctly you are able to use this as a stepping stone if you are interested in moving up within the company.
  3. Stay Positive – As hard as this maybe, you must stay positive and speak your truths professionally when you need to. This is the best tip that I can offer, as we sometimes miss the value of being pushed on the spot. What came of it? You learned a new thing or two, and you may get the opportunity for better things! Not all situations are permanent so take the challenges as they come and use them to your advantage!


I know when we are in the situation at the time it is harder to see the bigger picture, our minds get caught up in why am I doing this? I shouldn’t be doing this and so on an so forth. But, we need to take the situations that we are faced daily and find the brighter side, opportunity or experience!