Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination

Today, is a day of deep reflection. I am excited and blessed to be at the point I am in my life but something is yearning for more. When I look at my recent accomplishments, I feel one would chuckle a disbelief as how I could feel this way. Well, let me tell you it not so much acquiring the things that we most desire, but rather once we obtain those things we want it no longer seems as appealing as it did when we didn’t have it.

I don’t expect to have the all the answer at one time, and I am sure I should be enjoying the “freed up” schedule. However, I am not. I am looking to dive right back into the comfortable & familiar, as much as I wanted to stray away from it. So, I ask myself, what am I afraid of? What am I scared of?

I guess, one would think the unknown? But, the unknown looks so adventurous and mysterious why wouldn’t I want this path? Why wouldn’t I want a clear schedule and a do what the f! I want, at any giving time? No textbooks, no nagging, no stress just a careless stress free living for a year or so?

These questions I have often pondered since I knew I was going to have a clear schedule eventually. And as anyone imagine it was filled with beach ,trips and hanging out gazing at the stars.

 A previous professor once said, “that you may feel a sense of emptiness, once you realize that you are no longer striving for purpose, you tend to  have a moment of what now? When you realize that the intended purpose was not the real purpose at all, yet you made it your center of reality. “

So, I say to the unknown or unfamiliar, as much as I want to run back and hide. I want to embrace this new chapter of my life. They say, you cant read the same book expecting a different ending..


Share your thoughts!




Change the Thought & the Feeling Must Go!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

To my northeast people, hope you are enjoying this snow day (if you were lucky!). We are 4 days into 2018! How has your year started out? I must say, that I am looking forward to this new chapter! The Wolf Super Moon, that we recently had came about with a lot of change, inspiration and courage! Hopefully, you were able to set somethings in motion during that time, as it is a great time to start something new (hobby, beginning/ending or change!).

Although, I have set intentions for this coming month. I am excited and patiently waiting for the end of my current chapter. The excitement and anticipation that I have for this coming year has riddled me with anxiety but positively. And we all love positive anxiety!

I believe that the complexity of a thought, can give us either a good or bad outcome. Yet, the simplest thing we must do, is change the feelings that comes with our thoughts. If we have bad thoughts, we create bad intentions and with that we become crippled with bad emotions. I realized this over the last few weeks, I could either be upset or sad about my current situation or I can look at it with a fresh set of eyes and see the positive manifestations that could happen! And those positive manifestations are endless.

When we continue to walk around with bad energy, we see the world as if it is out to get us. When we let the energy flow as it should, we see the world with clarity and joy in all things. We must be able to let go and trust our journey! When we hold on to negativity we become a burden to ourselves and to those around us. And no one wants to be around a negative Nancy!

At the end of day, we must know that 1. everything will be fine and 2. that no one has everything figured out. And if you do, you’ve lost your peace, as you are not letting live and let live happen!

Be free and be focused, laugh when you feel like crying and change your thoughts! Don’t let negative people, things or words change your mood. Accept it, Acknowledge it and Let that shit go! Everyday we are learning or processing something new, why not let that thousand and one thing you learn — is to be positive?


Move forward with confidence and courage in 2018!

“The moment I let go of it was
The moment I got more than I could handle
The moment I jumped off of it was
The moment I touched down”





A Toast To the New Year!

Hello and Happy Saturday!

This is our last Saturday of 2017!

I hope that there has been new intentions set for 2018! Make them manageable, meaningful and attainable! Goals are great but don’t get so caught up in the intentions/goals that you forget why you started!

I hope that this new year brings great opportunities, challenges and change! Change is good, change is needed and change is inevitable so embrace it!

Be safe, Be happy, be you!


I will see you next year!



#WednesdayThoughts : A Turning Point

Hello! And Happy Wednesday.

To continue the theme of the week #gratitude. I am extremely grateful, yet sad but I had an aha! moment, when I finally answered the question that I’ve been asking myself for quite sometime. “What am I doing?”. This question stemmed from a lot places (things), that I am currently trying to figure out.

This was a extreme turning point, as I have been creating many excuses to let my heart win. But, when I put it on silent and let my head in; all of sudden things became clear when I actually begin to think and turn inward to make a very hard decision.


It’s natural to day dream, but when your day dreams turn to being oblivious. You have no option but to turn inward and ask those hard questions to yourself. We always believe we have enough time to do all the things that we want, and in a sense we do.

However, only when we are free. Living the truest you, that you can. If, someone or something is not allowing you to be the truest you, you can. We began to loose ourselves.

And who wants to be lost, NO ONE. Cause that sh!t, sucks! But, the important piece, is that we recognize it and try to correct it before it is too late.


And today, I am #grateful that I was able to recognize it. We often feel unsupported at times, but when you recognize, well you. It’s astonishing how supported and loved one person is.

I am sharing with you, a new journey that I am embarking on. It means, flying solo on many different things, after a very long time. And I have never been more happy on a fresh start, especially being so close to the end of the year. Your perspective and desires start to shift when you have a blank agenda. But, its a great feeling after having an agenda full of sh!t, that I was not mine.

I do not know where this new journey / road will take me, but I am sure as hell ready and I cannot wait for you to be a part of it!

#justdance #gratitude #loveyourself #dontworry #behappy